Beer, Music and Lots of Head Bashing: The Big Beer & Music Bash

Download Festival UK.

Glastonbury Festival.


What do all of these have in common?

Quite simply, they were all music events cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been an incredibly hard year. People have made sacrifices, worked longer hours or stayed at home to make sure their loved ones are safe. There is no denying the strength shown by everyone in this pandemic.

So we thought we'd share some love, and put on a local event to remember. When all those skies looked grey, this will certainly shine through.

Penn Street Promotions & Eventize, in association with High Wycombe Cricket Club Present:


Music festivals are a time of de-stressing, head-bashing and beer-loving. Whether it is work that is getting to you, or you want a day out to spend with your family, what better way to do it than with 24 real ales available, plus a Rebellion Beer bar, Pimms & Prosecco tents.

Not only can you experience the vast gorge of breathtaking artists live on stage, but you can also do it whilst tasting all the different beverages on offer.

The best thing is, you don't have to travel miles away to attend. It's right next door.

Do away with the excuses of having children and having no one to look after them. Why, did I hear you ask?

Well, as your local cricket club alongside Penn Street Promotions and Eventize, we understand that the pandemic has brought families closer than ever.

That's why the Big Beer and Music Bash is child friendly. We encourage all families to bring along their little ones to stuff their faces with BBQ, Pizza and other amazingly unique food stalls.

Enjoy a whole plethora of bands from local to the town to miles away in the country. The Big Beer and Music Bash is all about bringing the community together - including the artists.

For a full list of artists, beers and ticket information, head on over to our Events Page

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