High Wycombe Cricket Club Development Centre

High Wycombe Cricket Club in tandem with Inspire2Be, has launched its very own Cricket Development Centre.

Hosted at Highcrest Academy School, the aim is to bridge the gap between primary schools and club cricket, making the transition easier for the younger players.

We found, alongside many others, that young people in primary school enjoyed playing cricket, however, had not capitalised on joining a club to carry on developing.

High Wycombe Cricket Club hosted two FREE taster sessions which welcomed a great turnout, the majority of whom were participants from outside the club.

With the free taster sessions proving a success, the inaugural full-scale sessions have now kicked off with two sessions accommodating 25 players.

The Cricket Development Centre is running once per week:

  • 6pm - 7pm - younger players with no experience

  • 7pm - 8pm - those with some experience

Having fun and understanding the game in more depth to foster enthusiasm is at the heart of why we started the development centre. We have begun with some basic sessions that are getting the children used to the movements of the game primarily focussed on having some fun.

We are incredibly proud of the impact we have had so far and have only just begun.

Thinking developmentally, we believe that at least one of our groups will be ready to play hard-ball cricket by Summer 2022.

If you are interested in joining, contact: Cameron@hwcc.co.uk

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