High Wycombe Cricket Club Goes Green

High Wycombe Cricket Club is proud to be supporting EV chargers as it moves towards becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The average CO2 emissions of cars sold in the UK rose a third consecutive year. Government figures show that cars accounted for over 40% of the transport sector CO2 emissions in the UK. Having targeted a net-zero target by 2050, everyone needs to play their part and encourage wides-spread EV adoption.

Each business, whether large or small, contributes significantly to the dangerous emissions that are harming our planet. With the world leaders meeting recently to formulate a plan to tackle climate change, High Wycombe took a proactive step to introduce EV chargers to the club and look forwards to modern culture.

With the introduction of the new EV chargers, High Wycombe Cricket Club will be catering to a whole new set of loyal customers. There is no need to search for hours on your Zap-Map for a charging station when you can pop down to your local cricket club for a coffee and food whilst waiting for your car to charge.

High Wycombe Cricket Club will have its very own cafe styled bar area for drivers who are helping to reduce their carbon footprint to kick their feet up and relax. We host a friendly, jovial and welcoming atmosphere perfect for your quick-stay charge or longer charge.

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