Joining HWCC 3 of 5

3. How to Join HWCC as a Parent and register your child

To register a Parent & Child please follow the below steps

  1. Go to to sign up.
  2. If you already have a Pitchero account, hit log in at the top right and skip to step 4
  3. For a Parent not registered on Pitchero, complete the basic account details (Do not enter your childs details at this stage)
  4. Click the tick box for Parent
  5. Search for your child(ren) in the database and select the team they are applying for or create your Childs profile and select the teams to apply for
  6. Your application will go to HWCC to be reviewed
  7. In the meantime, confirm your email address
  8. Download the Pitchero Club app from your app store
  9. Once your application is approved review your account details, updating your parent account with all fields completed
  10. Complete all your childs details in the heading for their name. Kit sizes can be completed on registration day.

Make sure to Register as a parent and not a child when registering initially.


  • For existing Members you will receive a request for payment via Pitchero Club app and email with the item in your basket
  • For new members, once accepted as a player, you will be able to purchase your membership through the club shop area

Account issues
If you already have a Pitchero account as a parent, check that it set up as your own account. To resolve any conflicts if you only have a player account but managed as a parent, please contact and/or to help resolve any registration issues.